Trenholm State Community College

Institutional Research and Advancement

The purpose of this unit is multifunctional in that it maintains a historical database of college data; assists with the systematic evaluation of educational support services, administrative processes, and fiscal resources in order to identify the strengths and challenges of the college; serves as a repository for information that may be used to support planning, policy formulation and strategic decision making.

The Office of Institutional Research and Advancement (OIRA) has the primary mission of conducting research within the college to provide information that supports institutional planning, policy formation and decision-making. This unit works closely with the information technology unit in the design of data files to serve faculty, staff and student information needs. By virtue of its responsibilities for data and information about the college, institutional research is assigned responsibilities that need not be considered college research.

The Office of Institutional Research and Advancement has responsibility for the college's responses to national statistical surveys, such as the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) of the National Center for Education Statistics. Similarly, data forms must also be completed for the Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE) and the Alabama Community College System. A related responsibility assigned to the Office of Institutional Research and Advancement is that of responding to external and internal questionnaires and other non-routine requests for data or information.

The Office of Institutional Research and Advancement also has the following functionalities: 

1.  Institutional research,
2.  Strategic planning,
3.  Institutional effectiveness, and
4.  Trenholm Foundation management.


Mimi Evelyn Johnson, Ed.D., Director