Trenholm State Community College

Information Technology/Campus Safety

The Office of Information Technology/Campus Safety provides several layers of support to Trenholm State’s students, faculty and staff. Students receive the benefit of a well rounded education by having access to modern technology in their classrooms and labs, which the College’s faculty uses to encourage them to become lifelong learners. It also provides support to staff members by maintaining the College’s networked operations infrastructure. Below is a list of services and functions provided by the Office of Information Technology.

  • Acquisition, management and maintenance of the College’s network infrastructure, servers, distributed applications and telecommunications systems
  • Management of wide server backup and recovery systems
    Acquisition and maintenance of workstations used by students, faculty and staff
  • Acquisition and maintenance of licensed software applications
  • Acquisition and maintenance of the audio/visual instructional equipment used in classrooms, labs and conference rooms
  • Management and maintenance of the college wide Public Information Display Systems
  • Management of the integration of educational or operational software for faculty and staff
  • Management of the College’s video surveillance system
  • Management of the College's enterprise resource planning system (ERP)/Student Information System (SIS)
  • Development and administration of the College's Safety/Security Program
  • Responsible for College Data Management, Analysis and Reporting