Trenholm State Community College

Elected Officials for 2016-2017



I am a native of Montgomery, Alabama. I am currently majoring in Accounting at Trenholm State Community College and will graduate in the Spring 2018. Ultimately, with this degree I strive to work as a payroll clerk. I believe that I can reach my goals by remaining a dedicated, self-starter who strives to make my greatest dreams come true.

In high school, I was an all-around student with good interpersonal, effective leadership, and outstanding organization skills. I maintained an A/B average throughout my 12th grade year. I have been employed since 2012 with Zaxby’s, and am now training to be a shift leader.

In my spare time I enjoy being around my family and friends. I also enjoy studying the history of automobiles. I volunteer on a regular basis at my uncle’s body shop, and assist the shop employees in scheduling appointments and performing auto body services.

The world now is evolving, and I believe the most difficult thing in the 21st century is competing with my peers, who are all working very hard trying to earn the same degree and compete for the same jobs; therefore I have to remain competitive. I consider myself to be a straight forward team player, and is always flexible, willing and ready to learn. I enjoy learning new things and helping others.

In conclusion, I believe I would be the best fit for Miss Trenholm State Community College because I would represent the College and the student body in a positive manner; with class and poise. In addition to those traits, I am a great listener and I am always thinking of others. It would be an honor and a privilege to be selected by my peers and serve as the 2016-2017 Miss Trenholm State Community College.


I am a native of Lansing, Michigan. I attended high school at Southfield Senior High School where I was a multi-sport athlete earning varsity letters in football, wrestling, and golf. I was also a member of the Southfield Student Council where I was part of many student activities. After graduating from high school, I chose to further my education at Olivet College in Olivet, Michigan where I was also a member of the football team. After completing a semester there, I relocated to Montgomery, AL and transferred here to Trenholm State.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I am seeking an Associate's degree in Accounting Technology, and plan to use my skills to start up new businesses around this area. Over time I plan to gain experience and knowledge by taking notes from other entrepreneurs and business mentors to figuring out the most efficient and effective way to become a productive member of our community. I am a true optimist knowing that failures are really life lessons. I will be honored to become your next SGA President.




Native of Tampa, Florida

Education: College Graduate (Albany Tech. College; 2007)

Program of Study: Drafting and Design

About me:

I am currently 28 years old; born and raised in Tampa Florida by my mother. At the age of 16 I moved to Albany, GA to attend the Turner Job Corps Center. While attending I received my GED and became a certified Electrician. After leaving Job Corps I attended Albany Technical College and received a Diploma in Electrical Construction and Maintenance.

Shortly after, I joined the US. Air Force as a rapid deployment combat electrician. Being deployed to Afghanistan was a true eye opening/life changing experience. There I gained a great deal of respect for those who came before me and laid their lives down for the freedoms we all enjoy today.

Fast forward to 2016 – I am a Veteran who is furthering his studies in Drafting and Design here at Trenholm State Community College. I currently maintain a GPA of 3.6. I am an active member of the up and coming mentoring group for young men called Tren100. While also working as an understudy here at Trenholm under the Safety and Security Coordinator. My duties include conducting routine building and safety system checks, as well as providing extra safety and security around campus when necessary.

My Platform:

• I'm for my fellow students, I want to make coming to Trenholm an unforgettable experience that you will talk about for the rest of your life.

• I want to build a support system that students never feel lost or alone.

• I want to make sure that the community of Montgomery knows the advantages to coming to Trenholm.

• I want to make sure that every voice is heard and Trenholm becomes one of the top schools in the city of Montgomery.

• I want to ensure that every student feels safe, enthused, and that they are getting the best education for their money when attending Trenholm State.

• I want to make the Tren100 into a steadfast social group helping young men across the state of Alabama for years to come. Giving them the tools to succeed in life long after leaving Trenholm.

Quote I Live By: "It's easy to sit back and complain about the problems of the world, but what are you doing to change them?" -Benjare' Mclendon



I was born on a hot Alabama day one September morning. I would grow up here in Montgomery, Alabama with the love and support of my parents and three other siblings. I was homeschooled until the 6th grade. I would bounce around schools throughout my middle school years until I comfortably found my home at Success Unlimited Academy (SUA).

At SUA, I was inducted into the National Honors Society, maintained the Salutatorian grade point average, and received many honors all while attending Trenholm State’s Dual Enrollment Program. I have been dual enrolling since the 11th grade. Around that time, I started serving in the Student Government Association (SGA). I founded and led many clubs that would live on to this day at SUA.

While being so fundamentally involved at Success Unlimited over the years, school has not been my only focus. I have been working hard to get to attend Trenholm full time. I have worked with my dad at Lisenby Construction and Remodeling since I was 16 years old. For fun, I play video games, go to concerts, and enjoy meeting new people. I always try to surround myself with friends and positive people. We watch movies, meet up at each other’s houses, and play Pokémon Go, when it was still relevant.

Today, Trenholm State is my home. Trenholm has allowed me to get a huge head start on my career and I am very thankful. I would make sure high schools in my community know how advantageous the Dual Enrollment is. My overall goal is to unite the student body. If there is one thing I have learned in my SGA experience, it is that we have to unite to achieve a common goal. There was no stranger at my high school, only friends. With friendship within the community, we will unite to achieve great things while I am in office.