Trenholm State Community College

Student Government

SGA serves as a liaison between the administration, faculty, staff and student body. Its goal is to provide student participation in school government, afford training in citizenship and ensures a sincere respect for the vision and mission of Trenholm State Community College.

The SGA is governed by the SGA Constitution.

Student Elected and Appointed Positions at Trenholm State Community College provide opportunities for student democratic governance, to play a vital role in the shaping of establishing a sound voice for reason while students matriculate to graduation. The following positions are attained by an election held by the Student Services Division and/or appointed. All elected positions are done in the fall and/or spring semester.

Persons elected and appointed to SGA positions are required to attend mandatory trainings, meetings and workshops that are scheduled by the administration of the Student Services Division. Elected and appointed persons cannot be found to be indignant on any computer generated networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, or any other social media. They must also be absent of judiciary infractions, etc. The positions that follow are on institutional scholarship, a brief description will be provided for those listed.


  • SGA President Elect - DEMETRIUS JACKSON
  • SGA Vice President - BENJARE' A. MCLENDON
  • SGA Treasurer – JOSEPH LISENBY


  • SGA Chief of Staff-Executive Secretary - Vacant
  • SGA Public Information Officer - Vacant
  • SGA College Reporter - Vacant
  • SGA Parliamentarian - Vacant
  • SGA Student Leadership Chairman – Vacant


  • Excellent Leadership and Skills Training
  • Resume Building
  • Gain Organization and Management Skills
  • Scholarships
  • Friendships and Fun