Trenholm State Community College

Award Notification

Once the College receives an official Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from the Federal Central Processor and you have been officially admitted to Trenholm State Community College, we will notify you of your eligibility for aid (generally starting in mid-May of each year) by submitting your award notification to your email address. This notification will specify all the aid for which you have been offered to attend the College. Please read the Terms and Conditions in order for you to know the actions that you will need to take after receiving the award notification.

If you have applied for sponsored scholarships or state financial aid programs, the College may not be aware of those awards until you or the agencies notify us.  If you know of additional awards that you will be receiving, you will need to notify the Office of Financial Aid. If additional awards are not reported and recalculated in your financial aid eligibility, this could result in an over award which may require you to have to repay federal and/or state aid awarded and disbursed to you.

The College reserves the right to review, revise or cancel a financial aid award at any time due to changes in financial or academic status, or the student’s failure to comply with applicable federal and/or state laws and/or regulations or College policies. A financial aid award is also subject to revision should the annual allocation of funds from the Federal government be reduced below the anticipated funding level for a program(s) or should budget limitations be placed upon funds which are intended for student financial aid purposes.  In addition, students cannot receive need-based assistance in excess of their determined financial need.   If your eligibility changes, a revised award notification will be sent to you by either email or regular mail. Your actual receipt of payment will depend on your continued eligibility and your enrollment status.

Any inquiries regarding financial aid can be emailed to