Trenholm State Community College

Continuing Education

2017 ConEd Cover

Vision Statement   

The vision of the Continuing Education Division at Trenholm State Community College is to become the preferred provider for workforce development training, professional development and community services.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Continuing Education Division is to deliver quality, relevant workforce education, professional development, and personal enrichment training that will enhance the quality of life for individuals.


To extend the resources of Trenholm State Community College and provide programs and services with an emphasis on work skills upgrade, work-related training, or personal development in response to business, industry, and community needs.

Non-Credit Continuing Education courses are:

  • Credit-free, test free and grade free
  • Offered during the day, evening and weekends
  • Offered in many different time spans, from a few hours to six to eight weeks
  • Open to all age groups

To participate in Continuing Education, you do not have to apply for admission and wait to be accepted. After completing the registration process, you are immediately accepted.


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