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Can I submit an application and resume to be kept on file?

With the exception of part-time instructors or part-time hourly ongoing positions, applications are accepted only for posted vacancies. The College does not maintain files of resumes for future notification. You are encouraged to monitor this site for employment opportunities and apply for any position you might qualify for.

How can I be sure that my application packet is complete?

Carefully read the “Application Procedure” section of the position vacancy announcement. Because the search committee determines whether an application packet is complete and if an applicant is qualified, Human Resources will not be able to provide you with information.

What is the difference between a required qualification and a preferred qualification?

A required qualification is necessary to qualify for a position, and failure to substantiate each required qualification will prevent the possibility of an interview. Preferred qualifications are not needed to qualify for a position but may be used to select from among the applicants.

How long does the search process take?

The search process usually takes at least one month from the application deadline to complete depending on various circumstances. However, occasionally due to unforeseen circumstances, the search process may take longer.

How will I know the status of the search process?

The Office of Human Resources and/or search committee will arrange an interview with each applicant who has a complete packet and meets the minimum qualifications for a position. Generally, these interviews occur within three weeks of the application deadline. Once an offer of employment is extended and accepted, all unsuccessful applicants are notified electronically that the position has been filled. You may view the status of your application by logging into your online account.

What is “work experience verification?”

Neither a resume nor an application is appropriate verification of work experience. It is not our policy to contact current and/or previous employers to obtain employment verification. “Work experience verification is required in writing from your current and/or previous employer(s) confirming the required level of experience as stated in the “Minimum Qualifications” section and other related experience. Verification should include dates of employment and position title(s). Proof of work experience verification may be delayed until an official offer of employment using the Work Experience Verification form, which is found on the Human Resources home page. All work experience verification must be completed within 15 days following the employment offer.

I applied for a position previously, and now I want to apply for a position you have posted now, can you copy the file that I have already submitted?

Submitted application materials become the property of the College, and once a position is filled, all application packets are filed. Copies of application materials will not be provided to applicants. We suggest that each applicant keep a copy, for his/her records, of any application materials submitted, including copies of work experience verifications and transcripts.

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For half a century, thousands of students have charted their path to success at Trenholm State Community College. From the 1960s to today, we have been part of the fabric of Montgomery and the River Region, growing to include diverse programs of study, multiple campuses, and online learning. Now, we celebrate the present and move forward with a renewed dedication to our community and the success of our students. We invite you to join us.

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