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Trenholm Alert FAQ provides answers to frequently asked questions about your information, how notifications will be sent, and supported features.

For technical assistance with the online form and for general questions about Trenholm Alert, please contact the Safety & Security Coordinator, Kenny Cox at 334-420-4275 or email

  • What is Trenholm Alert?

    Trenholm Alert is a mass notification system comprised of e-mail, voice and text messaging that is designed to send emergency messages to thousands of individuals in minutes. It supplements existing means of emergency communication, including outdoor warning sirens and severe weather alert radios.

    Everyone who has a Trenholm State Community College e-mail address will receive emergency alerts to their campus e-mail address. In order to also receive text and voice message alerts, members of the campus community will be asked to provide phone contact information. While participation in the text and voice messaging notification is optional, enrollment is strongly encouraged. The information you supply is considered confidential and will not be shared or used for other purposes. You will only be contacted through the system in the event of an emergency.

    Trenholm State students, faculty and staff have the opportunity to provide a primary mobile phone number for receipt of text messages, and up to three other phone numbers (mobile or other) for receipt of voice messages. Emergency messages will be sent via a system provided by the High Ground Solutions/SchoolCast. Trenholm Alert will be used in tandem with other campus communication tools.

  • Why should I sign up for the Trenholm Alert voice and text message components?

    Because students, faculty and staff are constantly on the move, this system provides the flexibility for you to receive emergency messages on multiple devices.  Trenholm Alert will be used to distribute important information regarding emergencies that dictate immediate action. It will be used along with other tools including outdoor warning sirens, severe weather alert radios, e-mail, the College web site, campus media and other methods.

  • Who can sign up for Trenholm Alert voice and text messages?

    All Trenholm State students, faculty and staff who have a valid ID are able to sign up to receive text and voice message alerts. You will need to log into Trenholm Alert at and enter your user name and password.

  • Will I receive Trenholm Alert messages if I don’t sign up at

    If you do not sign up with Trenholm Alert, you will still receive emergency messages via your official campus e-mail address. However, you will not receive text or voice messages. Trenholm State strongly recommends that you provide at least one phone number (cell phone is recommended) for Trenholm Alert to ensure that you receive important messages in a timely manner. Any contact information you provide will only be used for emergency notifications.

  • Who implements Trenholm Alert?

    Trenholm Alert is managed jointly through the Trenholm State Police Department Chief and the Safety and Security Coordinator.

  • What kind of alerts will be sent?

    The system will only be used to distribute information regarding emergencies that dictate immediate action.

    Examples of alerts include severe weather, building evacuations, dangers requiring lock-down or shelter-in-place, or other emergencies requiring immediate action. The message will direct you where to go for further information or what action to take. Following a warning, the alert system may be used to provide additional messages or an “all-clear” announcement. The Trenholm Alert notification system will also be tested on a routine basis to ensure that we are able reach all Trenholm Alert participants in the event of an emergency.

    Less urgent messages will be sent using the campus advisory e-mail system, PERSONAL ANNOUNCEMENTS.

  • How does Trenholm Alert work?

    Trenholm Alert is a hosted and managed system. You will not need special hardware or software to receive messages. It is a multi-modal service that can disseminate emergency messages through:

    • E-mail: An alert message will be sent to your official campus e-mail address. You can also specify a secondary e-mail address for receiving these alerts.

    • SMS text messages: Faculty, staff and students may choose to register a cell phone number for receiving SMS text messages through Trenholm Alert.

    • Voice messages: Faculty, staff and students may choose to register up to three additional phone numbers with Trenholm Alert. Voice messages will be sent to these phone numbers.

    NOTE: You will receive emergency alerts to all phone numbers and e-mail addresses registered with Trenholm Alert.

  • Can I opt out of the system after I sign up and can I update my contact information after I have registered?

    You can opt not to receive text or voice mail alerts, however, you cannot opt out from receiving an alert on your official campus email address.

    You can log into Trenholm Alert at any time to update or delete your contact information. Whenever your phone number or alternate e-mail address change, it is very important that you update this information with Trenholm Alert to ensure you continue to receive alerts through the system.

  • Are there any costs involved if I sign up for the system?

    If you do not have a text messaging contract as part of your cellular service, there may be a small charge for any text messages that you receive. You should check with your cell phone carrier to determine what these costs may be. There are no fees assessed for students, faculty and staff access to the system.

  • How soon will I have the capability to receive text or voice mail emergency messages after I sign up?

    You will be able to receive emergency messages within 24 hours of sign up. The system is updated on a daily basis.

  • Will my contact information remain secure, and will it be used for any other purposes?

    The information collected for Trenholm Alert is securely maintained and will not be shared. It is only used for notification of emergencies requiring immediate action.

  • How can I recognize messages from Trenholm Alert?

    • E-mail: sent from Trenholm Alert will come from trenholmalert(at)

    • SMS text messages: Text messages will begin with "Trenholm Alert" and number 334-420-4200.

    • Voice messages: The phone number you will see in your caller ID will be 334-420-4200. You should program this number into your phone so you will immediately recognize it as an urgent call.

  • Where can I find additional information about emergency procedures or emergency situations?

    Information about existing emergency procedures and emergency preparedness can be found in the college catalog. During an emergency, details and updated information regarding the specific emergency will be provided on the Trenholm State home page at

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