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Students may apply for admission to credit courses on a non-credit or audit basis. Applicants must meet all applicable admissions requirements. Standards of performance for each class will be defined by the individual instructor. A grade of "AU" will be given to denote an audit. Students must declare their intention to audit a class at the time of registration. A course may be changed from CREDIT to AUDIT or from AUDIT to CREDIT only during the official drop/add period of each semester.

Non-Credit Students

An applicant enrolling exclusively in non-credit courses may be granted admissions to the college via the Continuing Education department. For additional information, please contact 334-420-4240.


All new and returning students must see their assigned advisor prior to registering for classes. Students returning to the college after a break in enrollment of two consecutive terms are required to update admissions information in the Office of Admissions and Records. In addition, returning students must submit official transcripts from all regionally accredited higher education institutions attended since the last dated of attendance at Trenholm State Community College. Students are subject to fulfilling the requirements of the curriculum that is current at the time of readmissions.


During advising, students are given a copy of their degree plan. Students should follow their degree plan since it is their responsibility to make sure that courses are taken in proper sequence. In addition, any required prerequisite course must be completed before registering for higher level courses.

Registration for classes is held on designated dates prior to the beginning of each semester. All new students must begin the registration process in the Office of Admissions and Records. Students will be given the appropriate registration material. New students will meet with a new student advisor or an instructor from the department of their major for advising. Instructors/advisors will assist students in selecting classes and completing a Course Registration Form.

Late Registration

Any registration which is completed after the beginning of classes is considered late. Late registration is permitted during a designated period and every effort should be made to avoid late registration. Many courses may be full, at this time, and it may be difficult to cover any missed material.

History of

For half a century, thousands of students have charted their path to success at Trenholm State Community College. From the 1960s to today, we have been part of the fabric of Montgomery and the River Region, growing to include diverse programs of study, multiple campuses, and online learning. Now, we celebrate the present and move forward with a renewed dedication to our community and the success of our students. We invite you to join us.

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