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The Trenholm State Community College (TSCC) Emergency Student Grant Program is designed to support students at minority-serving institutions as they work to complete their education. Specifically, the program assists students with unforeseen personal financial emergencies that may arise, such as utilities, housing/rent, food, medical/dental, transportation, and child care. The TSCC Emergency Student Grant Program is a one-time first come, first served funding opportunity. Funds cannot be used to cover school expenses such as fines, tuition, fees, books, supplies, or required tools/equipment. In addition to receiving these funds, students will be able to access other resources and support to avoid future challenges.

The TSCC Emergency Student Grant Program is made possible by the Trellis Company, a Project Success partner. Please review the information below to learn more about student eligibility requirements.

  1. Must be enrolled at TSCC during the semester they are requesting funding.
  2. Must have at least a 2.0 GPA.
  3. Must have a 2020-2021 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file and a demonstrated financial need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid.
  4. Cannot be in default on any federal loan.
  5. Must agree to a meeting with the Student Success Center staff to discuss additional support.
  6. Must provide current legitimate documentation of financial emergency such as an invoice.
  7. Must complete the online Emergency Grant Application.
  1. Funds cannot be paid directly to students. If approved, funds will be distributed to third parties, i.e., landlords, businesses, etc.
  2. The average award is $500 but cannot exceed $750.

*A student may only be approved once for the TSCC Emergency Student Grant Program, regardless of when the student applies.

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For more information, please contact Monica Robinson at 334-420-4418 or

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