Trenholm State Community College

Rights & Responsibilities

Students have the right to know:

  • The names of organizations which accredit and license the College
  • The College's programs, instruction, laboratories, physical facilities and faculty
  • The Cost of Attendance and Refund Policy
  • The type of financial assistance offered from federal, state, local, and private programs
  • Who the financial aid personnel are and the location of the Financial Aid Offices
  • What the procedures and deadlines are for applying for financial aid
  • How the College selects its financial aid recipients
  • How the College determines financial need
  • How much financial aid is received
  • Each type of financial assistance offered
  • The kind of Work-Study jobs offered, hours, duties, rate, and frequency of pay
  • When and how financial aid awards are adjusted
  • Special facilities for the handicapped
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Students have the responsibility to:

  • Review and consider all information about the College before enrolling
  • Pay special attention to the application for financial aid, complete it accurately, submit it on time and send to the correct website address at
  • Know all deadlines for applying for aid and meet them
  • Provide all required documentation, corrections, and/or information requested by the Financial Aid Office
  • Notify the Financial Aid Office of any information that has changed since the financial aid application was submitted
  • Read, understand, and keep copies of all forms
  • Notify the Financial Aid Office of a change in name, address, or enrollment status (half-time, full-time, three-quarter-time)
  • Satisfactorily perform the work agreed upon in a Federal Work-Study job description
  • Understand the College’s Refund Policy.

History of

For half a century, thousands of students have charted their path to success at Trenholm State Community College. From the 1960s to today, we have been part of the fabric of Montgomery and the River Region, growing to include diverse programs of study, multiple campuses, and online learning. Now, we celebrate the present and move forward with a renewed dedication to our community and the success of our students. We invite you to join us.

Contact Trenholm State

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Trenholm Campus:
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Montgomery, Alabama 36108
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