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Academic Advising is a critical part for students seeking a degree or certificate or planning to take courses prior to transferring to a four-year institution from Trenholm State. Advisors are available to provide information regarding courses, programs, and careers. Prior to each semester, all students are encouraged to consult with their program advisor to plan their course of study, review their degree plan for a timely graduation. Program advisors are available in each program to advise students who may wish to enroll.

Students are assigned to their advisors through the Office of Admissions with input from the program coordinator or division chair of the student’s respective program of study. For information on academic advising, contact the Office of Admissions at (334) 420-4464.

Registration is held each semester according to scheduled dates and procedures published on the College’s website and the College Calendar. Students are responsible for registering each semester. Trenholm State may withhold the privilege of a student’s registration for the following reasons:

  • Unpaid Fees
  • Library Books
  • Incomplete Admissions Records

A schedule of classes is published on the College’s website ( each semester. All new and returning students must communicate with their assigned advisor prior to registering for classes. All currently enrolled students may register online. It is advisable for students to plan their schedules two or three terms in advance. This allows the student to fulfill prerequisites in preparation for advanced courses or sequences taught only once or twice a year. Students should have a degree plan on file in with their program advisor during the first term of enrollment. Students should work closely with advisors and instructors to follow the required degree plan for their program. New students will meet with their program advisors for advising. Additionally, program advisors will assist students in selecting classes and completing the registration process. During advising, students should obtain a copy of their degree plan. Students should follow their degree plans since it is their responsibility to make sure that courses are taken in proper sequence. In addition, any required prerequisite course must be completed before registering for requisite courses.


Trenholm State Community College offers most courses and instructional programs with day, evening and online schedules. Courses are offered at the Trenholm Campus, the Patterson Sites, Culinary Arts, and online. All courses meet the same standards and have the same requirements regardless of the time, place or method offered.


A student who fails a course in a sequence cannot take the succeeding course before making up the failure. Prerequisites for a course must be met before the course is taken.


The maximum course load is nineteen (19) semester credit hours. A student may take more than nineteen (19) semester credit hours only with special permission from the Program Coordinator and the Dean of Instruction. Registration forms are located on the College’s website at An absolute maximum of twenty-four (24) semester credit hours exists for all students. The minimum load for a regular full-time student is twelve (12) semester credit hours. Students who are enrolled in developmental courses are strongly encouraged to enroll in 12 hours or less each term until all developmental courses have been completed.


Students who have earned less than 30 credit hours are classified as freshmen. Students who enroll for less than twelve (12) credit hours are classified as part-time students. Part-time students’ programs of study should conform to the general curriculum requirements of all students. Students registered at the College for twelve (12) credit hours or more are classified as full-time students.


Trenholm State Community College seeks to provide an atmosphere where students can make open and honest intellectual inquiry into any college matter appropriate for student participation. The student is free to express dissent to any college matter within the limits of good taste. Any student who believes his or her rights to academic freedom have been suppressed should follow the procedures outlined in the Grievance Appeals Procedures listed in the Student Handbook section of the Catalog.


Generally, completion of the curriculum, as defined by program faculty, is required to be awarded a degree or certificate. It may be acceptable, on occasion, to substitute a different course/s for a course required in the curriculum.

Course substitutions will be made when the resulting substitution is relevant to the course it replaces and maintains the integrity of the academic program. No more than 25% of the total credit hours required in a degree or certificate program may be substituted. Credit for course substitutions required for a degree or certificate must be recommended by the program coordinator and approved by the Division Chair, College Registrar, and Dean of Instruction.

The Program Coordinator must submit a Course Substitution Request form listing the required course(s) and the requested Substitution course(s) to the appropriate Division Chair. Upon completion, the Division Chair forwards the request to the College Registrar and the Dean of Instruction for review.


The College reserves the right to change instructors listed to teach courses due to class cancellation, splits, or other conditions which might necessitate the reassignment of instructors. Students should be cautioned that the listing of an instructor’s name to teach a course in the schedule of classes is no guarantee that the instructor will teach the course.


If the course is cancelled, the class will be deleted, and no grade will be assigned.


In certain unusual circumstances, the appropriate Academic Dean, upon recommendation of the Division Director and instructor, may permit a student to take a course by independent study. Permission will be based on such factors as future course availability, completion for graduation, and the student’s academic record. The student’s grade point average will be considered before approval to take a course by independent study is granted. A student will not be allowed to take more than one independent study course per semester. Transient students and other students whose GPAs are unknown will not be allowed to take any courses by independent study.

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For half a century, thousands of students have charted their path to success at Trenholm State Community College. From the 1960s to today, we have been part of the fabric of Montgomery and the River Region, growing to include diverse programs of study, multiple campuses, and online learning. Now, we celebrate the present and move forward with a renewed dedication to our community and the success of our students. We invite you to join us.

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