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Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal Policy

A grade of “W” is assigned to a student who officially withdraws from the College or a course after 60 percent of the term being completed. This specified date is included in the Student Calendar for each term and is listed as “Last Day to Withdraw Without Any Academic Penalty.” It is the student's responsibility to become familiar with the Student Calendar to know the exact date to withdraw without penalty. A student who officially withdraws from the College after 60 percent of the semester has been completed will receive the grades he/she has earned at that time of withdrawal. A student cannot be withdrawn administratively. Grades of “W” earn zero quality points and, for financial aid purposes, are counted in hours attempted by the student. If a student never attended or the class is canceled, the class will be deleted, and no grade will be assigned.

Students who withdraw from classes after receiving Title IV Aid face the possibility of being placed on either Financial Aid Warning or Financial Aid Suspension. Additionally, financial aid recipients who completely withdraw are subject to the Federal Return of Title IV Funds(R2T4) Policy. This policy may require Title IV recipients who completely withdraw from all courses before the 60% date of the semester/ term to repay a portion of any grant funds received to the Title IV Programs.

** Official Withdrawal is defined as a student who receives, completes, gets the appropriate signatures and returns all appropriate withdrawal forms to the Office of Records.


Students who do not completely withdraw from the college but drop a class during the regular drop/add period will be refunded the difference in the tuition paid and the tuition rate applicable to the reduced number of hours, including fees appropriate to the classes dropped. There is no refund due to a student who partially withdraws after the official drop/add period. The last day to drop/add is published as part of the college calendar and conforms to the guidelines issued by the Alabama Community College Office.


Students who wish to completely withdraw from the College, must complete a “Notification of Official Withdrawal form, “located on the Student Forms page of the Trenholm State website ( Students who submit a complete withdrawal form prior to the first day of classes for the semester/term will be refunded the total amount of tuition and other refundable fees. The “first day of class” is the first day classes are offered within any term configuration, including, but not limited to, semesters and mini terms. Students who submit a complete withdrawal form on or after the first day of classes, but prior to the end of the third week of classes will be refunded according to the withdrawal date, as follows:

Total Withdrawal during the first week: 75% refund

Total Withdrawal during the second week: 50% refund

Total Withdrawal during the third week: 25% refund

Total Withdrawal after the end of the third week: no refund

An administrative fee not to exceed 5% of tuition and other refundable institutional charges shall be assessed for each withdrawal within the period beginning the first day of class and ending at the end of the third week of class. The first official day of classes is indicated on the College calendar as the day that classes begin. There is only one first day of class. This day may not be the first day on which all classes begin. The calendar also indicates the last day to drop/add. For calculating refunds during the fall and spring sixteen-week terms, a “week” is defined as seven calendar days, i.e. the first day of class running seven calendar days (inclusive of Saturday and Sunday). Refunds of shorter than sixteen weeks, such as summer semesters and mini terms will reflect a prorated week based on the number of days in the term.


Classes begin June 14; student withdraws June 17.
Fourth day = 75% Refund due.

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