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Paula Winn Miss TSCC 2017-2018

Miss Trenholm State Community College Position and Expectations

Paula Winn
Accounting Major
Miss Trenholm State Community College 2017 - 2018

Miss Winn is from a military family and was born in the Phillippines. She comes from a long line of veterans that have served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Panama, and the Persian Gulf. In the Philippines, she lived a simple life where she finished her studies in public school and graduated at 15 years of age.

Throughout high school, she enjoyed participating in beauty pageants and a member of the Scrabble Team. She also enjoyed performing arts, and she received the Best in Theater award. Her theater performances helped enhance her interpersonal skills and allowed her to showcase her talents.

Miss Winn is an adventurous person. She not only wants to excel within the four corners of a classroom, but she loves to explore. She is always interested in going outside of the box and trying something new.

Her parents encouraged her to continue her studies in the United States because of the numerous opportunities to acquire skills that will lead her to a satisfying career.

Her campus activities include the National Society of Leadership and Success, wherein she is Vice President. Paula currently maintains a 3.6 GPA. Upon graduation from Trenholm State in May 2018, Winn plans to continue her education and major in accounting. Her career goal is to become a Certified Public Accountant.

Winn said, “if elected Miss Trenholm State, this will truly be an honor for me; I will uphold the standards and wear the crown with class, poise, and integrity.” She believes the crowning of Miss Trenholm State will enhance and broaden her opportunity to serve as a role model and an ambassador for Trenholm State Community College. She wants other young ladies in the future to know that anything can be accomplished with a meek and humble spirit. She says, “I sincerely look forward to the experience and joy that will come from representing the College and being an exceptional and influential role model.”

She plans to volunteer her time, talents and teamwork through participation and involvement in community activities.

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