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Flora (Elmore) Moore-Andry Collection

The Elmore Family were members of Holt Street Baptist Church, the site for the first mass meeting (12/5/55) to plan the Montgomery Bus Boycott Movement.


Flora (Elmore) Moore-Andry (1929-2007) was born on July 14, 1929, in Montgomery, Alabama. She is the daughter of Nathia Lee Foster Elmore (1900-1977), an elementary school teacher, and Eugene Elmore (1899-1959), a railroad stower. Moore-Andry attended the private Alabama State College Laboratory elementary and high schools in Montgomery, and later earned her bachelor and master’s degrees from Alabama State Teachers College, now Alabama State University. Moore-Andry served as a public high school teacher for 37 years, retiring in 1987.

The Elmore Family were members of Holt Street Baptist Church, the site for the first mass meeting (12/5/55) to plan the Montgomery Bus Boycott Movement. Moore-Andry readily enlisted her car and designated herself as a driver for the "people’s transportation," the pivotal strategy that led to the success of the movement. On one occasion she was stopped by police and issued a ticket for speeding. However, Moore-Andry argued her case before the court and the citation was dismissed.

During the 1965 Selma-to-Montgomery Voting Rights March, she housed Lutheran Pastor Edwin D. Peterman from St. Louis, Missouri. Moore-Andry drove marchers to the various points along the march, and prepared meals for many of the marchers. When Pastor Peterman returned to St. Louis, he sent Moore-Andry several correspondences and copies of his sermons that centered on his moving experiences as a participant in the march. Moore-Andry also photgraphed the marchers enroute to the State Capitol in Montgomery taken with her "trusty brownie" camera.

The Foster-Elmore Family was a close-knit family. Over 50 photographs of family life and Black life in the community (1910-1950) are a part of the Moore-Andry Collection.

Container List

Box 1 (#402945)

  • Correspondences and News Articles
  • "Superman vs. Muhammad Ali" comic book
  • "The Incredible $Rocky$: America’s Richest Family" comic book
  • "Star Wars: Queen Amidala" paper doll book
  • Booker T. Washington High School lst yearbook (1940)
  • Negro Educators, foreword by Dr. H. Councill Trenholm, 1944
  • The Elementary Spelling Book, 1908
  • Time magazine, 6/14/99
  • Life magazines, 4/12/68, 4/19/68, 9/12/69, Fall 1987
  • Ebony magazine, May 1968
  • Montgomery newspapers and news articles, "(MLK,Jr.) KING ASSASSINATED" and "NIXON RESIGNS"
  • Family photographs, 1910 to 1950s
  • Movement photographs, 1965 Selma-to- Montgomery Voting Rights March

Box 2 (#402946)

  • WWII ostrich leather wallet for ration coupons
  • WWII nylon stockings in sachet bag
  • 1940s woman’s hat and purse
  • Eastman Kodak "Baby Brownie Special" camera and case

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