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We are Hear to Assist You With:

  • Motivation
  • Goal setting and attainment
  • Effective study strategies
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Time management and task priorities
  • Recognizing and marketing your strengths
  • Adulting

Make an Appointment:

You can meet with an Allied Health Coach online. This appointment can take up to 30 minutes; please be sure to allow sufficient time.

What is Allied Health Coaching, and how does it work?

Allied Health Coaching is designed to help students maximize their college experience and reach their goals. This is done through one-on-one meetings between the Coach and the student. Allied Success Coach is available to aid students in identifying their educational and personal goals. The Allied Health Coache also offers campus and community resource referrals and helps keep students motivated and accountable to their college goals.

At the Health Sciences Division, we're committed to enhancing your educational journey and empowering you to reach your highest potential!

Our Allied Health Coaching sessions offer personalized one-on-one support, connecting you with a dedicated coach who will help you define your goals and guide you through your campus experience. Our Allied Health Coach, Ms. Gwendolyn Harrison, is here to lend a helping hand, addressing any questions or challenges that may arise during the semester and ensuring you have access to the right resources when you need them. We're excited to be part of your success story.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, coaching is not tutoring. Coaching does not take the place of receiving tutoring.

No, an Allied Health Coach provides meaningful advising, planning, support, and the necessary information to new and current students. The goal is to ensure students can successfully enroll, persist, and graduate. A counselor concentrates on the person’s past and deals with healing emotional pain. It is, therefore, geared towards understanding and resolving the past. Thereby helping someone move forward and be able to reach their individual potential in life.

All Health Sciences Program students at Trenholm Community College can benefit from meeting with an Allied Health Coach! The Coach can help students discover their personal strengths, help students find extracurricular or leadership activities, and connect students to campus or community.

No. There is no limit to the number of times you can meet with an Allied Health Coach.