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Respiratory Therapy

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Applications have been extended to November 19, 2021.

Spring 2022 Respiratory Therapy Application

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To the first summer 2021 graduating cohort in Respiratory Therapy

Brittani Stringer

Brittani Stringer

Krystal Underwood

Krystal Underwood

David Hunsinger

David Hunsinger

Mary Beth Campbell

Mary Beth Campbell

Kerri Arp Denham

Kerri Arp Denham

Sarah Lusk

Sarah Lusk

Yahira Carlisle

Yahira Carlisle

A Respiratory Therapist is a specialist trained in pulmonary medicine to work therapeutically with people suffering from pulmonary disease. A day in the life of an Respiratory Therapist may include:

  • Diagnosing lung and breathing disorders and recommending treatments
  • Analyzing breath, tissue, and blood specimens to determine levels of oxygen and other gases
  • Managing ventilators and artificial airway devices for paients who can't breathe normally on their own
  • Educating patients and family members about lung diseases
  • Responding to Code Blue or other urgent calls for care

More Information

Life and Breath Video (What is a Respiratory Therapist)

Employment and Financial Outlook

Where Respiratory Therapists Work

Program Details: View more information in the catalog.

The Trenholm State Community Respiratory Therapy Program, CoArc program number 200638, awarding an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Respiratory Therapy, at the Trenholm State Campus, holds Provisional Accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (

This status signifies that a program with an Approval of Intent has demonstrated sufficient compliance with the Standards (through submission of an acceptable Provisional Accreditation Self Study Report (PSSR) and any other documentation required by the CoARC, as well as satisfactory completion of an initial on-site visit), to be allowed to admit students.

It is recognized as an accredited program by the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC), which provides enrolled students who complete the program with eligibility for the Respiratory Care Credentialing Examination(s). The program will remain on Provisional Accreditation until it achieves Continuing Accreditation.

CoARC Webpage
CoARC Outcomes Webpage
CoArc's Address: 264 Precision Blvd. Telford, TN 37690

CoARC accredits respiratory therapy education programs in the United States. To achieve this end, it utilizes an ‘outcomes based’ process. Programmatic outcomes are performance indicators that reflect the extent to which the educational goals of the program are achieved and by which program effectiveness is documented.

To prepare graduates with demonstrated competence in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains of respiratory care practice as performed by registered respiratory therapists (RRTs).

If you are interested in becoming a Respiratory Therapist and would like to have your name placed on the interest list, feel free to contact Mrs. Lee.

The program will consist of 76 credit hours. Of these, 23 credits are in general education. Students will also need an ACT score of 18 or higher. (ORI 101 Orientation to College is 1 credit hour)

Prerequisite Courses
Course Area Course Name Area Credit Hours
ENG 101 English Composition I Area I 3
SPH 106 or SPH 107 Fundamentals of Oral Communication or Fundamentals of Public Speaking Area II 3
ART 101 or MUS 101 Art Appreciation or Music Appreciation Area II 3
BIO 201 Human Anatomy and Physiology I Area III 4
BIO 202 Human Anatomy and Physiology II Area III 4
MTH 100 or Higher MTH Intermediate College Algebra Area III 3
PSY 200 General Psychology Area IV 3


  1. How long is the program?
    • The program is 5 semesters long.
  2. When can I print out an application?
    • August or September.
  3. When is the application due?
    • The application is due in October or November (Date to be announced).
  4. When is the next class's start date?
    • New cohorts (classes) start every Spring (January).
  5. How many students will you accept?
    • The respiratory Therapy Program can only accept 20 students.

All Allied Health Programs are Selective Based Programs. Selective Based Programs require you to submit an application for your program of choice. Once accepted into the college and the prerequisites are met, you are eligible to apply to the Respiratory Therapy Program. Following acceptance into the program, students are mailed detailed instructions on additional documentation needed.

Completing the minimum requirements and submitting and application does not guarantee acceptance into the Respiratory Therapy Program or any Selective Based Program at Trenholm State Community College.

This program requires you to have four semesters of clinical rotations. The first three clinical rotations are once a week 12 hour shifts. The last semester is 24 hours (2 days a week) clinical schedule. Each clinical rotation is 7a-7p.

Sample Degree Pathway


Program Details: View more information in the catalog.


Potential Salary Range

The projected average salary for RTs Working in the U.S. is over $62,000 a year. For more information visit




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Program Contact

Shalanda Lee
Director of Respiratory Therapy


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