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Dual Enrollment Application Procedure

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Dual Enrollment
Application Procedure

Dual Enrollment Eligibility at Trenholm

Admission Eligibility

High school students must meet the following criteria to be admitted into the program:

  • Be in the 10th, 11th, or 12th grade when enrolling in a dual enrollment course.
  • Have a 2.0 GPA in completed high school courses.
  • Have a 2.5 GPA in completed high school courses to enroll in Stem-based courses.
  • Have written approval of the appropriate principal and the local superintendent of education.

Admission Application Process

Step 1

Interested students should seek advisement from the high school counselors and/or TSCC dual enrollment team members to determine the course/program of study. The high school equivalency for each course selection will need to be determined.

Step 2

Complete the TSCC online application. You will be required to create a login and pin # as a first-time user. Make sure to choose a dual enrollment student application.

Step 3

Complete the Signature-Residency form and make sure to upload a valid state-issued photo identification. If a student does not have state-issued identification, a copy of a birth certificate can be uploaded as a part of Step 4. and a current I-Now student profile with the signature of the high school designee will be required.

Step 4

After completion of the general admissions application, applicants will be prompted to complete the Dual Enrollment Registration Form. This form requires that the students indicate what course(s) they want to enroll in for the upcoming semester and the high school course equivalency. Returning dual enrollment students will be required to complete this form each academic term/year. If you do not know the high school equivalency, leave the box blank.

Step 5

Complete the Dual Enrollment High School Authorization form and obtain the signature of your principal or superintendent acknowledging approval for the student’s participation.

Step 6

Once the dual enrollment team receives a completed application packet, the student will be contacted by a dual enrollment team member to finalize the registration process.

** Students must complete the residency form in order to have a complete packet. Use the following link if the form was not completed during the general admissions application process.

Dual Enrollment Residency Form


  • Career Technology Education Dual Enrollment Scholarships
    • Dual enrollment students who choose to enroll in one of the state-approved CTE scholarship programs are eligible for a tuition waiver. English, math, and science courses can be covered by the scholarship if a requirement of the program of study.
    • Dual Enrollment Programs: Automotive Service, Advanced Manufacturing, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Child Care, Computer Information Systems, Graphic Design, Medical Assisting, and Welding.
  • Personal Funds- If a student wishes to enroll in a program/course not covered by the CTE scholarship, the student must enroll in a State-approved dual-enrolled course and pay current tuition rates.
    • Tuition rate: $157/per credit hour

Continued Eligibility

  • Earn a “C” or better in all dual enrollment courses.
  • Students who do not earn a C or higher, or Withdraw (W) from a course, are suspended from dual enrollment for one term, not to include the summer term.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to TSCC’s dual enrollment team at

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