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Diagnostic Medical Sonography

LOCATION: Trenholm Campus

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What is Ultrasound?

Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) is a diagnostic procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to create detailed images of the human body. Sonographers use state-of-the-art technology to scan patients and obtain images of the abdomen, heart, blood vessels, and fetus to aid in the diagnosis of a disease. Sonography is a profession that requires a high degree of independence, judgment, knowledge, maturity, and stamina.

What is a Sonographer?

The Diagnostic Medical Sonographer is a skilled person qualified academically and clinically to perform ultrasound exams while working in close teamwork with a qualified physician. A sonographer has an in-depth knowledge of physics, disease processes, human anatomy, and sonographic technique necessary to create ultrasound images. Physicians depend on the sonographer’s knowledge to evaluate normal and abnormal body parts. To work successfully, the sonographer must be a sensitive, caring individual dedicated to helping others.

What is the role of Ultrasound?

The role of ultrasound in medicine is continually growing. New applications and imaging equipment are in a constant state of development. Its continued growth and development are dependent on highly qualified and well-trained medical sonographers. With a current shortage of skilled healthcare workers, demand is high for sonographers across the country. Starting salaries vary greatly from one location to the next. Experience, position title, formal education, specializations, and time on the job tend to increase the sonographer’s income.

Program Goals & Purpose

The purpose of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program is to provide educational opportunities in the ultrasound sciences to members of the communities supported by Trenholm State Community College. To that end, the objectives of the program and its curriculum are designed to:

  • Goal 1: To prepare competent entry-level general sonographers in cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and effective (behavior) learning domains.
  • Goal 2: To provide local employers with a pool of qualified, highly-skilled technologists who are able to perform routine, emergency, mobile, surgical and special ultrasound procedures in a global society.
  • Goal 3: To provide students with the support and materials needed to succeed in desired field.
  • Goal 4: To graduate students with the ability to demonstrate the knowledge base (cognitive domain) in order to succeed in the Ultrasound field.
  • Goal 5: To graduate students with the ability to demonstrate the clinical proficiency (psychomotor domain) in order to succeed in the Ultrasound field.
  • Goal 6: To graduate students with the ability to demonstrate the behavioral skills (affective domain) in order to succeed in the Ultrasound field.
  • Goal 7: To develop graduates who will successfully meet the entry-level expectations of employers representing a global society.

How do I get started?

  1. Apply to the College
  2. Once you have been accepted to the College and assigned a student number, have Admissions assess transcripts of all courses from previous college coursework for transferability of courses. All questions regarding transferability of courses must be answered by the Director of Admissions, Tennie McBryde (334-420-4306,
    • Once previous college coursework has been transferred and appears on your Trenholm transcript, consult with a DMS program official (Brandi Merrill or April Dozier) to establish a plan for completion of remaining prerequisites. You may view your Trenholm transcript by visiting the MY TRENHOLM portal.
    • If you have not completed previous college courses, please sit for the ACCUPLACER exam. After completion, please consult with a DMS program official (Brandi Merrill or April Dozier) to establish a plan for completion of remaining prerequisites.
  3. Complete all prerequisites (including the completion of the ACT ≥19). All prerequisites MUST be completed by the application deadline date. Course schedules for all courses offered by Trenholm can be found here.
    • Prerequisites for the Program are:
      1. English Composition I (ENG 101)
      2. Intro to Physics (PHY 120)
      3. Intermediate College Algebra (MTH 100)
      4. Anatomy & Physiology I (BIO 201)
      5. General Psychology (PSY 200)
      6. Humanities Elective (Literature, Area/Ethnic Studies, Art, and Art History, Foreign Languages, Music and Music History, Philosophy, Ethics, Religious Studies, Theater and Dance)
      7. Fundamentals of Oral Communication (SPH 106)
    • ACT testing dates, registration, and facilities can be found by visiting

When & how can I apply?

The DMS Program accepts a class in the Fall of every year. The next class will begin in August 2018.

  • A DMS Application will be uploaded to this webpage no later than April 2018.
  • Must include all documents.
    • Unofficial copies of transcripts from ALL colleges previously attended.
    • An unofficial copy of your Trenholm State transcript showing completion and/or transfer of ALL prerequisite courses and ACT scores).
    • An unofficial copy of your ACT scores.
  • Applicants will be ranked and selected based on ACT scores.  The top scoring applicants will be assessed and scored according to the DMS points system.

The Program:

  • Is accredited by CAAHEP.
  • Typically accepts 15 students per year based on clinical site availability.
    • Is 4 semesters (approximately 17.5 months).
    • Is Monday – Friday typically 40 hours/week.
    • Posts course descriptions, course sequence, and other pertinent information in the College Catalog by clicking the Program Details link at the top of this page.

Where can I find tuition rates?

Tuition Rate: $145.00 per Credit Hour

Out-of-State Tuition Rate: 2.0 times that of In-State tuition rate.
*Tuition and fees are subject to change without advance notice.

Credit Hours:
6-8 hours - Half-time student status
9-11 hours - Three-quarter time student status
12 - above - Full-time student status

Tuition & Fee schedule

Where can I find important dates?

Refer to the College Calendars for important dates:

What are the Program Outcomes?


Program Contact

Brandi Merrill
Program Coordinator/Instructor

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