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Culinary Arts


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Chefs and head cooks oversee the daily food preparation at restaurants and other places where food is served. They direct kitchen staff and handle any food-related concerns.

Chefs and head cooks typically do the following:

  • Check the freshness of food and ingredients
  • Supervise and coordinate activities of cooks and other food preparation workers
  • Develop recipes and determine how to present dishes
  • Plan menus and ensure the quality of meals
  • Inspect supplies, equipment, and work areas for cleanliness and functionality
  • Hire, train, and supervise cooks and other food preparation workers
  • Order and maintain an inventory of food and supplies
  • Monitor sanitation practices and follow kitchen safety standards

Chefs and head cooks use the various kitchen and cooking equipment, including step-in coolers, high-quality knives, meat slicers, and grinders. They also have access to large quantities of meats, spices, and produce. Some chefs use scheduling and purchasing software to help them in their administrative tasks.

Chefs who run their own restaurant or catering business are often busy with kitchen and office work. Some chefs use social media to promote their business by advertising new menu items or addressing customer reviews.


Trenholm State Community College's Culinary Arts/Hospitality Management Program will provide education that will prepare an individual for meaningful employment, leadership, and citizenship.

The culinary arts program's mission is to provide quality, diverse learning experiences to develop highly competent, skilled, safe, and knowledgeable technicians who can compete in the global marketplace at the entry-level in the culinary/hospitality management industry.


Awards Available

Associates Degree

  • Associate of Applied Science—Culinary Arts (74 Semester Hours)
  • Associate of Applied Science—Culinary Arts – Hospitality Management Concentration (74 Semester Hours)

Curriculum Requirements For Associate Degree

General Education Core Requirements
Area Course Hours Required Recommended Course(s)
I Written Composition 3 ENG 101
II Humanities and Fine Arts 3 MUS 101
III Natural Sciences and Mathematics 6-7 MTH 116 & PHS 112
IV History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences 3 PSY 200
Area V
Course Hours
Ori 101 Orientation to College 1
CUA-101 Orient to the Hospitality Profession 3
CUA-102 Catering 3
CUA-110 Basic Food Preparation 3
CUA-111 Foundations in Nutrition 3
CUA-112 Sanitation, Safety and Food Service 2
CUA-113 Table Service 2
CUA-115 Advanced Food Preparation 3
CUA-120 Basic Food Preparation Lab 2
CUA-122 Fundamentals of Quantity Cooking 3
CUA-173 Culinary Art Apprenticeship 3
CUA-201 Meat Preparation and Processing 3
CUA-204 Foundations of Baking 3
CUA-206 Advanced Garde Manger 2
CUA-208 Advanced Baking 3
CUA-210 Beverage Management 2
CUA-213 Food Purchasing and Cost Control 3
CUA-241 Basic Culinary Lab II 2
CUA-251 Menu Design 3
CUA-262 Restaurant Mgmt and Supervision 3
CUA-281 Apprenticeship: Qualifying Dinner 3
HSM-112 Law and the Hospitality Industry 3

Sample Degree Pathway


Student Graduation Rate

Academic Year

Number of Completers

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% of program completers who were attending part-time A (at the time of completion)

2015 - 2016


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Student Job Placement Rate

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Student Place Rate



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Students obtaining entry-level certification by graduation

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Certification by graduation



Entry Level Certification



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Potential Salary Range

The median annual wage for chefs and head cooks was $48,460 in May 2018. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $26,320, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $81,460.Source: Bureau of Labor and Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2018 Survey


Program Contact


Brittany Foster
Program Coordinator

Loren Lunde

Katrice Small


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