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Trenholm Campus:
1225 Air Base Blvd
Montgomery, Alabama 36108

Patterson Campus:
3920 Troy Highway
Montgomery, Alabama 36116


About TSCC

History of Trenholm State

H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College was created through the consolidation of John M. Patterson State Technical College and H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College in April 2000. The Trenholm Campus was designated as the main campus of the combined institutions. Both institutions were accredited by the Council on Occupational Education, which granted approval for the merger in March 2002.
In December 2014, Trenholm State was granted initial accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award associate degrees.
In May 2015, H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College officially became H. Councill Trenholm State Community College.

Patterson Site
The John M. Patterson State Technical School was established as a result of the 1947 passage of Regional Vocational and Trade School Act 673 by the Alabama State Legislature. The Montgomery County Board of Revenue and the City of Montgomery purchased 43 acres of land at the junction of the Southern Bypass and U.S. 231 South in 1961. The school opened on September 4, 1962. Patterson was named a technical college by action of the State Board of Education in 1974.

Trenholm Campus
H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College was authorized by the Alabama State Legislature in May 1963. Construction was completed and classes began in August 1966, with the City of Montgomery and the Montgomery County Board of Revenue contributing to construction costs. The College was named for the late Dr. Harper Councill Trenholm, a past president of Alabama State University.

Organization and Administration

H. Councill Trenholm State Community College is a two-year public institution of higher education operating as part of the two-year Alabama Community College System (ACCS). The organization and administration of H. Councill Trenholm State Community College is under the supervision and direction of a Board of Trustees appointed by the Governor of the State of Alabama.

The Alabama Community College Board of Trustees is composed of the Governor, as ex-officio member, and eight elected members. Alabama is divided into eight school districts and one member is elected from each district. State Board members serve four-year terms. The Governor is president of the State Board and a vice president is elected from its members annually on the second Tuesday in July.

For the purpose of assisting the Alabama Community College Board of Trustees in carrying out its authority and responsibilities for each of the colleges, the Board of Trustees appoints a Chancellor who also serves as Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Postsecondary Education. The Chancellor serves at the pleasure of the State Board of Education but it is customary for the Chancellor to have a multi-year contract.
The College President is appointed by the Alabama Community College Board of Trustees and heads the College’s organizational structure. Specific areas of operation include the following: Student Services; Instructional Services; Development Planning/Research; Finance and Administrative Services, and Information Technology. Each of these areas functions under the guidance of a Dean or Director who reports directly to the President. The President reports to the Chancellor and is responsible for operating the college within the Alabama Community College Board of Trustees policies and all applicable state and federal laws. This organizational structure is in compliance with the Handbook of Accreditation of the Council on Occupational Education and Guidelines of the Alabama Community College Board of Trustees.
A College Advisory Council composed of representatives of area industry, business and management assists the Administration. The Council serves in an advisory capacity to the President in promoting the interest and general welfare of the College.



Our mission is to provide comprehensive and accessible educational opportunities, including academic transfer and technical programs, designed to promote economic development, enhance workforce development, and improve the quality of life for the community.


Through our commitment to educational excellence, students will be prepared to meet the challenges of a global society, and the College will serve as the region's leading catalyst for economic and workforce development.


Trenholm State Community College administrators, faculty and staff embody the highest academic and institutional commitment to students and the community by exhibiting the following 13 values:

  1. Student Success: We are committed to the success of our students by adhering to the highest levels of academic and professional standards.

  2. Academic Rigor: We are committed to standards of academic rigor that assure students a high-quality education that fosters personal and intellectual growth for productive careers and meaningful lives.

  3. Community: We foster relationships and service culture within and beyond our college community.

  4. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: We recognize and value diversity in its many forms to represent the richness of the human experience.

  5. Excellence: We set and model high standards for students and our faculty, staff, administrators, and community partners.

  6. Integrity: We hold ourselves accountable to the communities we serve and seek to model personal and intellectual integrity in all we do.

  7. Leadership: We are committed to identifying the unique strengths of our faculty and staff by encouraging leadership and supervision that recognize individuals who utilize their talents in support of our students.