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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get to choose my sponsor company?

Companies select students on a draft system. You have the right to refuse an offer, but there is no guarantee another company will select you.

Will I be hired immediately at my sponsor company?

Maybe. There is no obligation for the sponsor company to hire you, nor are you obligated to stay after graduation. Several factors are considered in this situation.

I’ve never worked in manufacturing. How do I know if this is the right program for me?

It’s okay if you don’t have any real-world manufacturing experience. Do you like working with your hands? Does the sound of sitting at a desk all day long bore you? Do you have a reputation for being able to take things apart and put them back together? Do you ask “Why?” when something doesn’t work? If so, this program is likely for you!

Application Requirements

  • Applicant must be eligible to take MTH 100 and ENG 101.
  • Must have a desire to work in a manufacturing environment troubleshooting, installing, and maintaining equipment.
  • Must be 18 years of age by June of the application year.
  • Participation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs such as BEST Robotics, Career Technical coursework or Project Lead the Way is preferred.

What is F.A.M.E?

The Alabama F.A.M.E. (Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education) Advanced Manufacturing Technician Program (AMT) includes a two-year technical Associate degree that combines cutting-edge curriculum that supports advanced manufacturing technology, paid working experience, along with learning highly sought after business principles and best practices of a world class manufacturer.

What Makes the AMT Program Different?​

FAME Students earn a wage while attending college and gain priceless work experience with a global manufacturing leader. Over two years, students can earn as much as $33,500, which with planning can cover all of a student’s education expenses. There are also potential grants and financial aid.

What About After Graduation?

While not guaranteed, there will be opportunities for the sponsor company to hire graduates as full time employees. Graduates of the AMT program will be equipped with the needed skills and experience that many manufacturing companies are actively seeking.


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Trenholm Campus
1225 Air Base Blvd,
Montgomery, AL 36108
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