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General Education

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Phone: 1-866-753-4544
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LOCATIONS: Trenholm and Patterson

H. Councill Trenholm State Community College’s General Education program provides the courses necessary for the completion of the associate of arts and associate of science degrees designed for transfer. General Education also supports all other programs at Trenholm State by providing students with the critical values and range of knowledge and skills in the arts and sciences. Trenholm State graduates will demonstrate competency in basic mathematics, writing, oral communication, and basic computer usage. Students also discover certain basic principles, concepts, and methodologies both unique to and shared by the various disciplines.

In addition, students learn the modes of inquiry of the major disciplines, and General Education leads them through learning activities in experiencing and appreciating the creative arts, in understanding multicultural and diverse perspectives, and in achieving insights gained through experiences involving ethical and social issues. Through these learning experiences, students develop self-understanding and become lifelong learners. 

Students will demonstrate an understanding of scientific concepts through the ability to use processes, procedures, data, or evidence. (BIO 101, 103, PHS 111, PHS 112, PSY 200)
Cultural Awareness
Students will develop the knowledge and skills to evaluate diverse cultures and forms of art. (ART 100. MUS 101)
Oral Communication
Students will demonstrate the ability to transmit ideas clearly and information orally in a way that is appropriate to the topic, purpose, and audience. (SPH 106, SPH 107)
Computational Skills
Students will accurately analyze and solve mathematical problems. (MTH 100, MTH 110, MTH 112)
Written Communication Skills
Students will create documents that are unified, coherent, well-supported, and error-free. (ENG 101)


Ronica Thomas
Division Chairperson
Association of Arts – Associate of Science
Location: Bldg. J – Trenholm Campus