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Trenholm Campus:
1225 Air Base Blvd
Montgomery, Alabama 36108

Patterson Site:
3920 Troy Highway
Montgomery, Alabama 36116

Trenholm Campus: 334-604-9597
Patterson Site: 334-604-8563
Library Tower: 334-604-9597

Student Services

Safety and Security

Mission Statement

Trenholm State Community College is committed to promoting safety via a proactive, multidisciplinary, coordinated, and objective approach to the prevention, identification, assessment, intervention, and management of situations that pose, or may pose a threat to the safety and wellbeing of our most important asset – PEOPLE (i.e., students, faculty, staff, and visitors).


Trenholm State is an institution entrusted to provide a safe, secure, and healthy learning environment for visitors, students, faculty, and staff who work and study on campus. TrenCAST (Crisis Assessment and Support Team) helps to achieve this environment for all. TrenCAST helps students experiencing academic, social and crisis situations including mental health concerns find resources on- and off- campus to success. This program allows members of the college community to report a concern for students who may benefit from services available on- and off- campus.

TrenCAST is dedicated to the success of students by stepping in to connect students to relevant resources and outside agencies. The team may have to communicate with the reporting party to accurately assess the needs of the student. The team may reach out to the student to understand his/her needs and develop a plan of action for his/her success.

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Trenholm Campus (inc Library Tower, JDEC, Culinary)
Monday-Friday 7am – 11pm

Patterson Site (inc Truck Driving)
Monday-Friday 7am – 11pm