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Computer Information Systems

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Patterson Campus:
3920 Troy Highway, Building E
Montgomery, Alabama 36116 

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Computer Information Systems

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The study of Computer Information Systems (CIS) focuses on the practical applications of computer technology through the study of a broad range of subjects. Professionals in this field may have knowledge and expertise in topics such as software design, databases, security analysts, business and more. When it comes to applying technology to business applications a CIS proffessional is required.

At Trenholm State Community College, our CIS program is progressive and innovative in its approach to remain viable and current with the trends of computer technology and applications. Students enrolled in the CIS Curriculum will gain knowledge and skills that are valuable to a dynamically, changing workforce, including—but not limited to—soft skills and preparation for industry-recognized certifications.

Trenholm State will meet student needs for Information Systems Technology training while providing students with effective and personalized instructional methods in a variety of technical concentrations. The CIS program also emphasizes leadership and teamwork, within and throughout the Plan of Study.

Awards Available

Associates Degree

  • Associate in Applied Science Degree – Networking Concentration (Cisco Networking)
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree – System Support Concentration (Microsoft Desktop/Server Support)
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree – Programming Concentration (Object Oriented Programming)
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree – Cyber Security Concentration (Cyber Security)
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree – Program Coding Concentration
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree – AWS Cloud Computing Concentration


  • Cisco Networking
  • System Support (Microsoft Desktop/Server Support)
  • Web and Database Applications
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Cyber Security
  • Program Coding
  • AWS Cloud Computing

This degree pathway document serves an advising resource and course guide for faculty and students. Students are strongly advised to enroll in any required Math or English courses during the first semester. Course offerings are subject to change based on availability during any semester and final enrollment numbers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find tuition rates?

Tuition & Fee Schedule

You can find tuition rates on our Tuition & Fee schedule

Where can I find important dates?

Important Dates

Refer to the College Calendar for all important dates.

Do I have to take the ACCUPLACER?


The answer is yes, unless you qualify for exemption.

What is the salary range?

Potential Salary Range

The average full-time annual wage of a CIS trained IT employee is $52,160 to $111,840, based on skill level, experience, and field of work. Source: Bureau of Labor and Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2018 Survey

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Omeika Harrison
Program Coordinator


Patterson Campus
3920 Troy Highway (Building E)
Montgomery, Alabama 36116
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